In 2007 we joined our knowledge and experience to support various organizations in streamlining and professionalizing their procurement function.


I come from a family of entrepreneurs and that is reflected in my current work. After studying Economics, I started to work as a management consultant, and I have utilised my business knowledge and expertise through various initiatives. Besides being a purchasing specialist, I am the principal contact for commercial cases, the negotiation of better contracts and the mapping of finances. I take great pleasure from the diversity of clients and projects. No matter how big or small a job, my ambition is always to deliver added value to the company.


My career started in the hospitality industry. As a manager of a hotel, I discovered how much you can save on the procurement of non-commercial goods. Cooperation is key also with the companies that supply the purchased products. By using each other's knowledge and expertise you get the most optimal outcome. It is not always easy to achieve a desired result when there are different parties involved. Thanks to my diplomatic attitude I often succeed in getting everyone together and helping them to overcome a solution.